Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Update your Drivers NOW!

Do you need a driver? maybe you might need a video driver or something else. Why don't you use driver max to solve this problem. This is program is targeted to get the latest driver for your computer and it will also update your driver. The program is legal and free to download. If you wish to download and install this program, please do wish click here. On the page, you will see it say ''Download Now'', click on it. Then you will install it(hopefully).

DriverMax Awards:

Many Webs thought DriverMax was a fantastic program so they put ut on they main page like cnet.com, brothersoft.com, downloads.com and more. They also rated Drivermax 5 star! FANTASTIC!!

DriverMax only work on Windows Vista, Windows Xp and Windows 2003(All Service Pack). Driver downloads are *only* available for Windows Vista and Windows Xp only.

Accidently delete your file?

Recuva(pronounced ''Recover'')

Many people accidently delete they own file, folder, music etc. Am I right? People who did, they will find it difficult to get it back. Here is my answer: Thanks to Recuva . So, why don't you have a go at this program called ''Recuva''. Recuva is a smart program that restore or may I say recover your files when you want to. If you have test this program, I bet it is so easy to use. From start I forgot to say that this program is actually a free and legal program. If you are interest in this program and wish to test it out free of charge click here. On the page, click on ''Alternative Download'' and it will download automattically.

Kidrocket Kidsafe Internet Browser

Today I'm going to show you a browser for young children that are just allowed to access a selection of permitted sites. It will appear on the top hand and it will only allow to show 13 sites at the moment. There designemd this proram really well with clever ideas so that youn children stay safe with their computer. You can customise your browser many ways such as like if there want to close it when you there, there may end up stuck to close it. If you wish to download and install this program click here. This browser is not anti-spyware or anti-virus program and it is not illegal.


Try out this online 2D game for free! It is quite a good game for young people who is 8 years old and older. The game is by a gamer progammer called ''Artix Entertaiment''.

The good thing about this game is that it's free, No bad Picture, Nice game and more.

In this game, you can only level up to level 30 and you may have classes just to rank 10
I used to play the game so if you want to add me on the game, just add me( my name is Darkvil1)
If you have anything to say just comment me:)

Click here to the AQWorlds Homepage
Click here to check out my character page


Some of the pictures.

Ragnarok Online. What is ragnarok online? Well ragnarok is one of the most addictive game in many countries; Korea, Japan, Malaysia, everywhere. The point of the game is to level up and compete with your opponent. This game is exactly the same as ragnarok but it is customised e.g monsters, equipments, cards and many more.


If you are, go check out their very own advanced home page. To go there, click here. Also, if you want to learn the basics of Ragnarok Online, i recommend you to go to their official website: Click here.

If you ever want to get in touch with me in the game pm me in the game. My In-Game name (IGN) are called Ten Sa Zangetsu, TensaZangetsu, KurosakiKun, Hituske, Hyounimaru and San7oryu

Hope You Like The Game! Enjoy!